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MS International founded in 2010, actively develops international trading business and brand agency. Its main business is trading video game consoles, computer hardware, and electronic chips etc.. We are committed to excellence and looking for high quality and breakthrough products in countries around the world. Due to international trading involved legal and tax issues in different countries also after a project cooperation with a large Japanese consulting company, the company officially expanded to the scope of business consultants. We base on the professional knowledge and experience of the business consultants are used to make the international trading and brand agency business going to a new level. After entering Taiwan, the company is more involved in the food market. At the same time, we create a brand new food platform  launch our own food products, we also cooperates with suppliers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan to  all over the world.



2010, the company established its main business in Hong Kong as a video game console, computer hardware, electronic chip, etc. trading company2011, in order to make the company's products more competitive, we create market development, strategy, project management and other departments.

2012, the company's business expanded to China, Japan, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

2014, due to the cooperation with a Japanese consulting company, the company's business expanded from brand agency and international trade to business consultants.

2016, the company's consulting business was officially extended to Taiwan. In the same year, the company reorganized internally, splitting the main business into two companies, and using the company's consultants as the mainstay to use past experience and knowledge to assist international trade to create an effectively competitive market.

2017, the company began to develop the Taiwan food market, the main products are dry aged meat products. (

2018, In the middle of 2018, we start to develop Salumi meat products.(

2019, We create a brand new food platform  launch our own food products.(

2020, in May of 2020 response to the epidemic situation, we acted as the agent for continuous sterilization coating (Aegis Intelligent 5700SC / Aegis Intelligent Photocatalytic Continuous Sterilization Coating)(

2021, Covid-19 spread around the world. Therefore,The DAir Defending Solution was born. The main product to be promoted is 100% pure natural antibacterial liquid. The main ingredient is grapefruit seed extract. It complies with the "Food Sanitation Law" of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of the Japanese government, and is also certified by the "Japan Food Analysis Center" to effectively resist viruses and has also obtained Taiwan SGS sterilization certification and a number of international certifications.(

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