A.I.Shield antimicrobial protection coating

Aegis Intelligent Photocatalyst Products Development (Greater China) Ltd.

Owns the exclusive sales right in Greater China for the US patent "Aegis Intelligent Photocatalytic Continuous Antibacterial Coating". Starting from science, using scientific and technological research technology combined with health as the blueprint for product development, we provide disinfection products and services for the public. The first three-in-one disinfection channel "CLeanTech Smart Disinfection Channel" device designed in combination with three sterilization technologies. The one used in negative pressure clean rooms is one of the models of Aegis Smart Photocatalytic Continuous Sterilization Coating-AI MS International Co., Ltd. in 2020 Obtained the authorization of Aegis Smart Photocatalytic Technology Product Development (Greater China) Co., Ltd. as the exclusive agent in Taiwan.

In response to the advanced deployment in the post-epidemic period, MS International introduced the "A.I. Shield Antimicrobial Protection A.I. Shield Smart Photocatalytic Continuous Antimicrobial Coating" series of products into the Taiwan market, hoping to contribute to Taiwan and jointly safeguard everyone's health.

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Clean Tech

"CLeanTech Smart Disinfection Channel"

The world-first innovative 4-in-1 disinfection installation combining a suite of technologies including thermal temperature check, bioem, a.I. Shield and negative room pressure design. It is able to perform contactless temperature check and conduct automatic full-body disinfection.

The world first intelligent sterilizing channel
Fever detection
Negative pressurized purifying chamber
Ageis intelligent 5700sc photocatalyst annihilate harmful microbes
Bioem air sanitizing and purifying liquid eliminate 99.99% sars, corona virus and other viruses.

BioEm Air Disinfectant has passed the long-term inhalation non-toxic test of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the human skin sensitivity test of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It is safe for long-term inhalation and won an award at the 2009 Geneva International Invention Exhibition.

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A.I.Shield antimicrobial protection coating has obtained multiple international authoritative certifications

A.I.Shield technology originated from the United States and is a multifunctional sterilant that has been developed for more than 40 years. It is widely used in various fields such as textile industry, footwear industry, medical facilities, libraries, and offices. Its advantages are durability, non-toxicity, strong continuity, high technical safety index, environmental protection, and international certification:

Obtained US EPA approval, and the materials passed toxicity test, US FDA, Chinese FDA food safety verification

Obtained safety and environmental protection certification in many advanced countries: the United States, Canada, Japan, the European Union, etc.

A.I.Shield antimicrobial protection coating are suitable for

Clean Tech Expo

AsiaWorld-Expo launched the world's first innovative three-in-one disinfection device CLeanTech, which combines a series of technologies, including BioEm air disinfection and purification technology, A.I.Shield and negative room pressure design.

AsiaWorld-Expo staff

In order to protect the health of AsiaWorld-Expo employees, A.I.Shield EcoPLUS will also be gradually applied to the uniforms of frontline employees.

CLeanTech Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is the world's first test site for the CLeanTech, a systemic disinfection channel facility that can be operated on site. Staff currently involved in related public health and quarantine work are using this facility. The user must first perform a body temperature test, and then perform a 40-second disinfection and sterilization process in a closed channel. At the same time, a pilot test of the application of antibacterial coatings on high-contact surfaces of passenger facilities is underway. The invisible coating destroys bacteria, bacteria and viruses.

Aegis Airport

The Hong Kong Airport Authority is using A.I.Shield antimicrobial for car to coat the automatic trains at Hong Kong International Airport to avoid the propagation of viruses and bacteria in crowded cars.

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Cooperative agency

A.I. Shield Antimicrobial Protection Coating utilizes physical sterilization and photocatalytic disinfection technology. This durable and continuous sterilization agent has been used safely in the world for more than 40 years. It is widely used in the anti-woven industry in the United States and Canada. Go to the hospital, library, office, clothing, and footwear.

At the AsiaWorld-Expo, the current venue facilities such as the glass doors and door handles at the main entrances and exits, escalator handrails, toilets, dining chairs in restaurants, etc. are all applied with "A.I. Shield Antimicrobial Protection Coating", which is physically matched with photocatalytic technology , Actively attack viruses and bacteria on attached objects under daylight or light, and the effectiveness is up to 12 months. Other large venues such as Hong Kong International Airport and Hong Kong International Aviation Institute also use "A.I. Shield Antimicrobial Protection Coating" to purify indoor spaces and venue facilities.

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