Aegis Intelligent 5700 SC coating

Aegis Intelligent 5700 SC are based on Aegis formulated in the US and it has
over 40 years of proven contributions to global bacterial safety and microbial control.
Aegis Intelligent 5700SC is performance enhanced with TiO2 photocatalyst formulation in
Singapore, to enable its air and self-sanitising property triggers by UV or visible light
presence in the ambient, in addition to its excellent antimicrobial property.

Interpretation of double sterilization function

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Physical sterilization

Photocatalytic technology

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Aegis Intelligent antimicrobial products

Aegis Intelligent 5700 SC

Aegis Intelligent 5700 SC works for 24 hours with its unique nano
needles formed on the thin film (coating) bonded firmly to substrates
like window, wall, ceiling, door, floor, furniture etc. The coating and
photocatalytic technology can provide lasting protection for up to 12
months for powerful and continuous disinfection.

Aegis Intelligent 5700 HC

Simple diluted version of original Aegis antimicrobial from DG class
(flammable) to a safe to handle non flammable water based version of
extremely effective antimicrobial, with over 40 years of diverse, safe
and proven usages globally.

Aegis Intelligent 5700 AC

Aegis Intelligent 5700 AC is performance enhanced version of original
Aegis antimicrobial with SiO2 Liquid Glass formulation to enable its
unique liquid stain resistant property, in addition to its excellent
antimicrobial property.


Aegis antimicrobial obtain EU’s fabrics safety accreditation( EU
Oeko-Tex 100 and able to use on Baby’s clothing products. EcoPlus is
one of the Aegis Intelligent antimicrobial products and can be
adsorbed by textile fibers. Virus and bacteria will be killed by
physical sterilisation and photocatalytic technology. A restaurant in
AsiaWorld-Expo, they are now using EcoPlus on staff’s working
clothes, tablecloth and towel for protecting staff safety.

Aegis Reusable Mask

US FDA approved material for use in medical devices. Aegis Mask with Aegis Intelligent coating is a medical use reusable mask which can be wash about 50 times. It can eliminates bacteria and virus while using.

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